Server Rules


  1. Be respectful to all users.
  2. No politics or religion.
  3. No hate speech.
  4. Use the discord channels as specified.
  5. No NSFW material.
  6. No spam.


  1. Private Steam accounts will not be allowed on the server. Please make your profile public if asked to by our staff.
  2. Combat logging is forbidden your inventory will be cleared! Either move 1000m after taking damage or wait 10 minutes before exiting the game. The final decision on whether you are in combat will rest with the admin dealing with the case.
  3. No stream sniping.
  4. Cheating will lead to a permanent ban, NVIDIA INSPECTOR is also considered Cheating!
  5. No meta gaming regarding players bases in the discord and global chat!
  6. Disrespect towards any staff in-game or on Discord will result in a ban.
  7. Do not impersonate any staff-member.
  8. We have very low tolerance towards racism, Homophobia, toxic chat or hate speech of any kind, you will be removed immediately, this includes global chat/in game notes.
  9. Respect the staff-team/Admins have the final say regarding any ticket/issue.
  10. We as admins don't like to be DM'd. Make a ticket.
  11. English only ingame and in discord.
  12. This is dayz Cars are buggy..serious Server side issue's we will help with vehicles (if evidence is provided) Bad driving you will not be comp'd for.
  13. No Compensation without recording!!
  14. You are prohibited to use irl money or assets for ingame trades!!


  1. There is a group limit of 8 (Server 1 & 2), 3 (Server 3 & 4) and 5 (Server 5).
  2. You cannot exceed the grouplimit at any time.
  3. You have 1 additional subgroup so you can swap out inactive/not online members.
  4. Please add all your group members in the group system. You cannot team with anybody outside your group.
  5. We don't allow you to have an alliance with any other group. You may not raid or PVP with another faction, you may not trade during active PVP or raiding with another faction, however it is acceptable to trade with another faction while outside of active combat and raiding restrictions.
  6. ONLY 1 base per faction/group!
  7. After creating/joining a group you cannot join/create another group for 7 days (including your own group if you leave)!


  1. Your base must be reachable by walking; you can not force players to perform any actions, including: crouching, crawling, jumping, mounting, cutting down trees, picking up heavy objects, and any other action not mentioned.
  2. Gates cannot be clipped into ANY objects! Either existing (static) or raised by players, doesn't apply to dynamic objects like loot, and gates in opened state!
  3. Single person width wall tunnels will still be allowed, however we will not be allowing a wall tunnel to restrict any portion of the visible raidable gate. The full width of the gate must be exposed when the tunnel approaches them. You can choose to narrow and widen a tunnel between gates, however the tunnel, again, must become the full width of the gate when it gets to a raidable gate.
  4. We only allow one vanilla building to be taken up by your builds. No connecting buildings together and calling it one. (Make a ticket if you want to build in grey areas or want to take more space/buildings).
  5. Only 20 CODELOCKED GATES per base. We will delete your gates if you exceed that limit.
  6. No building within 200m of Military Compounds/Areas (not including containers).
  7. No building in Police Stations, Guard Houses, Hospitals, and/or Prisons.
  8. Don't build any floating structures.
  9. We prohibit watchtowers/fences reaching anything higher than two watchtowers stacked (6 floors high).
  10. You must leave at least a small spacing between gates so that a space/gap is visible between them.
  11. Ladders CAN be obstructed, as long as that does not make the base unraidable and they are not turned into traps.
  12. Your base must have at least 1 raidable entrance.
  13. All bases must be raidable and have a clear way to access them with 1 player.
  14. ONLY 1 base per faction/group. You can have 2 flag poles but NOT 2 bases!!!
  15. Additional no-build-zones are marked on the in-game Map.
  16. You may not obstruct roads with any building.
  17. Log-walls of any kind are forbidden and will be deleted without warning
  18. Gardening plots are not allowed to be used for base reinforcement or for hiding fence posts!
  19. Barbed-Wire-Thunnel-Traps are not allowed!


  1. Only GATES can be raided!
  2. Raiding ONLY on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday on ALL TDB Servers!
  3. You have to record ALL raids, if you fail to provide recording on request you may end up temporary banned! (We will only ask for a raid video if the is suspicion of a rule violation. This video will be for admin eyes only).
  4. Raids will be considered over when the raided entry has been sealed by the base owners AND all the raiders are dead.
  5. Once the raid is over, raiders may not re-enter the base within 24 hours. However, you may return to the base for PvP.
  6. No despawning/griefing bases. (Every situation is different, it is down to the responding admin's decision at the time).
  7. No burning people's loot.
  8. No logging out in enemy bases!
  9. No taking over peoples bases!
  10. No glitching/merging through walls. Going through windows is not glitching.
  11. You may only boost on ONE Player OR ONE item OR ONE Car to bypass a wall/gate. However, we do not allow you to use Gardening Plots, trees, fireplaces, MMG Items or Trucks/Vans
  12. No dropping loot on the floor out of storage. When you are finished, any dropped loot needs to be put away. (If you fail to do this, it can be classified as griefing). If you want to take, for example, a tent, you MUST move the loot inside to another storage item.
  13. During an active raid, you cannot log out. This will be considered combat logging. If you get disconnected by bad connection, you have to re-log within 1 or 2 minutes.

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